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Welcome to INDAH!

Well Hi There! Thanks for stopping by to find out more about us at INDAH.

INDAH is an online jewelry store based in South Africa. We have been so excited to bring you amazing beach/boho inspired jewelry at affordable prices. Here's some more info on our brand, our mission and our beginning.

Indah Jewelry || About us artwork

The idea for our name "Indah" (meaning "beautiful" in Indonesian) came to us after visiting beautiful Bali where there is such a rich history and culture. The Indonesians are a really friendly and welcoming people, not to mention their food is just yum! If you haven't been, we highly recommend it! Seeing the beach culture and how locals crafted such beautiful items inspired us to bring some of that same beach style to SA.

Setting up our store has been a long but also extremely enjoyable process. After looking at other successful online stores to inspire us, we really wanted to bring something simple and elegant yet also fun to our customers. We went through quite a few design choices before settling on our final idea. Our goal was to create something simple but also fun and vibrant. 

After some time everything came together and we are so happy with the final result. We hope all our shoppers love and embrace our brand.

Indah Jewelry || About us artwork


  • To Create Unique Products: In terms of products, we try to be as unique as humanly possible. If we've seen it before we usually don't go for it - unless it's a must have classic of course! We source our products from many different places and try to give our customers a beach inspired, yet elegant choice of products. Many of our items can also be worn different ways and are really versatile. We try to appeal to a wide variety of tastes while sticking to our beachy/boho feel.
  • To Never Mass Produce: Obviously we do work at a certain volume but we never mass produce things. You'll definitely have something totally unique. We keep the market selective at the release of new styles and recommend you buy soon so you don't miss out!
  • To Share & Inspire: One of our goals is to really inspire our customers to be the best they can be. We hope that our accessories and jewelry will help you to further discover your style and individuality. We hope by sharing our designs and ideas you are motivated to be the most stylish you!

Indah Jewelry || About us artwork

Lets face it - sometimes buying things online can be a bit a of blind trust since you don't personally know who's on the other side! To give our customers the best possible online shopping experience and allow them to have full confidence in our brand, we've decided to release some more details about the INDAH Team.

Malia Goosen - INDAH Founder & Managing Director

"Hi there.. So here's a little more about me and why I decided to start up an online store. After finishing school, I was one of the few that decided against going to University and instead dived straight into the working world! Fortunately for me my parents have owned a retail business for almost 20 years and could give me some tips.

I've been managing and working in a gift store, The Beach Shack, for almost 5 years now and that has truly helped me to learn how to deal with customers first hand along with sourcing unique products on a constant basis. Over time I've seen people react to our current store with such enthusiasm that it made me think of eventually reaching others via an online store. We even had a few orders from people who had already visited the store asking us to send parcels all over South Africa. You can visit our Facebook page for our gift store here https://www.facebook.com/thebeachshackgiftshop

Because we sell everything from shells and starfish to toys and decorative furniture in the gift store, we decided to hone in on one area that we're passionate about - jewelry! We were so happy to see that so many people loved our jewelry in The Beach Shack that it moved us to launch indah.co.za.

Starting an online store was a daunting task, but we had a few things working in our favor. There is such a  demand for stunning, well priced,and unique beach jewelry, as well as my husband being an established photographer and software developer. We decided to create a completely new brand for our jewelry and let it have its own unique identity hence why we came up with INDAH. I absolutely love the creative side of things so coming up the logo, branding and style for our store was also very enjoyable.

I've always had a passion for jewelry myself - you could ask anyone who knows me about my wall of necklaces and collection of rings and earrings! Choosing styles and creating a collection of ideas was hard work but overall such a fun process to go through. Who wouldn't love shopping for and selling beautiful jewelry for a living?

To end just a huge thank you to everyone who helped (you know who you are) make our little dream into a reality!"

Nathan Goosen - INDAH Photographer & Web Designer

"Hi all. So this has been quite a journey for my wife and I but I must say that coming up with the concept and designing the site has been a real learning experience. 

Since I've been working in the software development field for some time it was such a pleasure to help to make the site the best it can be. Shopify really is a great platform for eCommerce, as it make the entire coding process almost non-existent. I was able to tweak a few things here and there which helped us to incorporate all of the relevant branding into the site. 

Because I've also done quite a bit of photography work, it was also great fun for us to put ideas together and for me to capture them. Working as a team has really strengthened us and we hope that all of our photography shots show off the amazing items we have in the best way possible.

I just also want to say thanks again to all of our customers thus far. Without you there would be no online store. We hope that everyone who shops with us really loves our stuff. Thus far our hard work has paid off in many ways. Thanks to all!"

After reading this our hope is that all of you lovely shoppers will feel happy shopping online with INDAH. Always remember that we have our customers best interests at heart and hope to not only help you find unique items but also to inspire you. Please feel free to email us no matter what your concern - there are no stupid questions! We are more than happy to accommodate your needs as best we can.

You can also follow us on social media/ sign up to our newsletter to make sure you receive all our latest updates.

We hope you leave here feeling beautiful!

The Indah Team